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Oct 26, 2012 5:00pm PDT
." tonight we bring you the perils of live television. an anchor in san francisco was reporting outside the world series when he got hit live on the air by a stream of bird poop. kind of hard to see the initial trajectory of the actual poop but take a look. >> in 1989, the giants were in the world series versus the oakland a's. >> okay. oh, my god! >> hang on. hang on. you know, i have to tell you, i have to tell you, one of my goals in life, bethany, one of my goals in life is to make it on youtube. i think i just did. i'm on youtube. hello to my youtube friends. how are you? >> yes, you did make it on youtube. look, it's baseball. there are going to be some runs sometimes from birds. by the way, the co-anchor is wearing a panda hat because the giants' third baseman's nickname is kung fu panda. i know stuff about baseball. at least when somebody else tells me about baseball. maybe i didn't know that before today. whatever, this isn't about me. this is about bird poop. >> you have no idea what i paid for this coat. wow. wow. oh, hey, there's more. all i noticed was what went in my eye.
Oct 27, 2012 1:00am PDT
. i'm supposed to go on from here? hey, darren, it's raining in san francisco. it's raining -- if i may say that. are we still on? i'm going to put my glasses back on. >> wow. that's a lot of poop. live television, anything can happen. for instance, a spider may slowly descend on a single thread of web right in front of the anchor. >> -- currently making plans to close the old landfill, clean up the pollution and plan for new services there such as composting. voters will decide next month. >> you think one little spider is enough to make a professional newscaster to go all little miss muffet? heck no! one must maintain coposure even if there's a cockroach crawling all over you. >> these are cases from back at the height of the manson family crime spree. >> ugh. we need to see that in slow motion. this is the kind of thing that will haunt a young aspire reporter's dreams. but if you want to be on live television you have to be ready for anything. spiders, cockroaches, projectile bird poop, it is all there just waiting to pounce, m
Oct 25, 2012 5:00pm PDT
, there is a place in san francisco that will slap you in the face in the name of beauty. it's supposed to help wrinkles look smaller and make the skin firmer and it isn't just for women. on "good morning america" a reporter tried it out but didn't seem to notice results so he had to get help from the owners. >> you see the jaw line right here? this side, you don't see a jaw line. >> this technique is supposedly a thai tradition passed down from generation to generation although nick wasn't afraid to cut to the chase on that one. perhaps because he had just been slapped in the face for 15 minutes. >> you can say anything's with ancient thai wisdom and everyone will think it's great when actually it's rubbish. >> this is definitely not rubbish. this is very serious. >> you may be wondering how much it cost to let someone slap you in the face. it's $350 for one treatment. yeah. $350 for one face slapping in a specific area or for $1,000 you can really treat yourself to a full course of face slapping, choosing from the following styles. face slapping to look like a celebrity. face slapping to look
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)